This goes out to everyone, who has funds at Bitcoin-24!

Last day’s events as well as Simon Hausdorf’s statements on reddit let us suppose, that the Bitcoin-24 affairs will take some time until they are solved. Because of that we – victims, who have funds at Bitcoin-24 – decided, to become active and to build up this site. We do not want to sit around and wait. We want our money back, and that as soon as possible!

For this purpose we want to collect the victim’s E-Mail-addresses, for sending them combined with a cover letter to the “Deutsche Bank” and the “BZWBK” in Poland. Perhaps this is a way to accelerate things.
Furthermore we are greatful for any help you can give us. Jurists, SEO-specialists, writers, translators (english, polish) etc. are very welcome to contact us! Everyone else, who can give current affair’s informations, is welcome as well to write any comments, post links or tips.

Nobody knows, what is really going on at Bitcoin-24. One site believes, that everything is going to be allright, others are pessimistic and think, that their money is already lost. Just one thing is clear: At this moment a huge lawsuit is going on, that seems to take long and of which nobody – Simon concluded – knows, how it will turn out. We want to be prepared and consider the possibility of a class action lawsuit against Bitcoin-24. If we do not see any progresses, are not informed satisfactorily or everything ist just going on too long and we can not receive our funds in the foreseeable future, we will make use of our rights.

Let us do something! We are looking forward to your support!