We appreciate any help, we can get – It does not matter if you just found a typing error or if you want to supply us with informations. We setup different E-Mail-Addresses:


If you are a victim as we are, please send an E-Mail to It would be good, if you can give us information about your damage and to what extent you are affected. If you want, you can tell us as well, what this damage means to you personally. Please do not send us any usernames & login data. You should never give this data to anybody! If you have other data like screenshots, order book logs or anything else, feel free to send it in please.


If you want to give us an information about a news Simon Hausdorf gave or any other news, please send your E-Mail to


If you want to help us, please send your E-Mail to . We are greatful for any help!


Everything else, even if you just want to get your worry off your chest, send an E-Mail to

We try to answer every E-Mail as soon as possible. At the moment our team consists of two persons. We hope, that there will be help soon.